Youth – The Grand Lodge of Virginia


The youth are an essential part of the future of the Masonic Fraternity. Encouragement and involvement on the part of Masons in the youth activities is necessary in order to spark an interest in and a desire to become a Mason or to perhaps one day encourage their spouse to become a Mason.

We are including a link to the OUTSTANDING YOUTH AWARD APPLICATION. This annual award recognizes outstanding members of the three youth organizations, DeMolay, Job’s Daughters, and Rainbow for Girls. The completed application must be submitted no later than APRIL 15, of the current year, or it cannot be considered.

Duties: The Grand Lodge Committee on Youth shall promote and foster youth activities consistent with the principles of the Grand Lodge and the directives of the Grand Master and encourage the promotion and fostering of such youth activities by districts and the subordinate Lodges. This Committee is also to act as a liaison between our Fraternity and the Youth Organizations – the DeMolay, Job’s Daughters, Rainbow for Girls, and the Boys and Girl Scouts.

Membership: The Committee shall be composed of nine (9) members appointed by the Grand Master of Masons in Virginia.

Committee Members:

Robert George Mertz, Jr., Chairman

Joseph George Daigle, Jr.

Edward Joseph Foley

Samuel Abarquez Flores, Jr.

Kenneth M. Goode

David Wayne Murray

Arthur Lee Pendleton

James William Schoonmaker, III

Richard McCoy Young

For further information on this Committee, please contact the Committee Chairman.