Work – The Grand Lodge of Virginia


Charter: The Committee on Work is the custodian of our beautiful ritual, which must be preserved in a perpetual state of purity by constant supervision and schooling.

Duties: The Committee shall conduct an annual “Exemplification” of the ritual work at our Grand Annual Communication, various area-wide and/or regional Schools of Instruction and encourage other such activities by districts and subordinate Lodges.

The Committee has responsibility for examining those seeking to qualify for any certificate of proficiency in the work, as taught by the Committee, which is required by Grand Lodge law

Membership: The members of this Committee shall be appointed from each of the general geographical divisions of the state and, in addition, the Chairman shall be the Grand Lecturer, who shall not represent any division.

Committee Members:

Doyle Lee Miller, Grand Lecturer, Chairman

Michael Jean King, Assistant Grand Lecturer

Joseph White Boatwright (Dis. 19 & 20)

Hobert McKinley Bowers, Jr. (Dis. 48-50)

Billy Darrell Breeding (Dis. 44)

Kim R. Clark (Dis. 33)

James Eric Creech, Jr. (Dis. 15A & 15B)

Ray Allen Dooley (Dis. 21,24 & 25)

George Bernard Dungan, Jr. (Dis. 8, 9 & 11)

Robert Crews Eades (Dis. 16)

Claude Thomas Fifer, Jr. (Dis. 15A & 15B)

James Allan Freeman (Dis. 14 & 57)

Lemuel Seth Gunter (Dis. 37 & 38)

Gerald William Hogan (Dis. 17)

William Earl Irving (Dis. 12, 36 & 56)

George Barry Lodge (Dis. 27 & 29)

Harry Marceron Nuttall (Dis. 8, 9 & 11)

Paul Eugene Oliver, Jr. (Dis. 40-42)

William Joseph Schaffer (Dis. 31)

Ronnie Lee Shough (Dis. 22A, 22B, 39 & 43)

Ernesto Batinga Soriano (Dis. 35)

Scott Christopher Springer (Dis. 2 & 4)

Andrew Evan Vellenga (Dis. 1A & 1B)

Lokie Leo Voight (Dis. 3, 5 & 6)

James Aubrey Ward (Dis. 45 & 47)

Thomas Morton Woolfolk (Dis. 7 & 10)

For further information on this Committee, please contact the Committee Chairman.

Division Lecturers: Masonic districts have been grouped into twelve regions. Each region has a Grand Lodge Committee member appointed as Division Lecturer. The Division Lecturer’s duties include, but are not limited to, acting as liaison and communication link between Committee Chairman and the District Instructors of Work (DIWs). They are to work with the DIWs to ensure that each Lodge has the ability to perform the ritual and confer the degrees in a proper manner.

District Instructors of Work: The District Deputy Grand Master recommends members to the Division Lecturers, and they are reviewed by the Committee Chairman, and approved by the Grand Master. His duties include, but are not limited to, acting as a liaison and communication link between the Division Lecturers and the Lodge Instructors of Work.  They are to assist the Grand Lecturer and Division Lecturer, when requested, and especially in helping them to prepare for and conduct area-wide schools of ritual training. DIWs are to assist Lodges to become self-sufficient in conducting the ritual by providing intensive, individual instruction to members who desire to learn a lecture or teach catechism.  DIWs are to help Worshipful Masters to train officers preparing for certificates of proficiency in the ritual, as well as visit Lodges periodically, on a routine basis, to identify common flaws and problems in executing the ritual and ceremonies.  They should plan and conduct frequent, district-wide, ritual training schools to perfect skill in smoothly executing the floor work and beautiful lectures of the degrees in a pure and impressive manner.  DIWs are also to provide direct support to the District Deputy Grand Master, as a primary member of the District Team, in matters related to execution of Masonic ritual and ceremony.

Lodge Instructors of Work: Assist the Worshipful Master of his Lodge with instructors of Work. His duties include, but are not limited to, acting as Lodge representative for all matters relating to Masonic ritual.