Welcome To Freemasonry Booklet – The Grand Lodge of Virginia

There is a new Grand Lodge of Virginia publication titled, Welcome to Freemasonry Booklet: A Guidebook for the Master Mason. This booklet is included with the welcome package that is given to every newly raised Master Mason by the Grand Lodge of Virginia.

“Welcome to Freemasonry, we are so glad you knocked on the door! The booklet you now hold in your hands has been prepared just for you! As you read and absorb this material please know it is our heartfelt desire to help you be well-informed and prepared, as well as comfortable an confident as you begin your journey as a Master Mason. You are one of us now—this sacred band of friends and Brothers—and all that our Gentle Craft has to offer is yours.”

The booklet is 63 pages printed in color. Some Lodge’s have asked to be able to purchase additional copies, it is now available for purchase via the Grand Lodge of Virginia shopping cart.