Strategic Planning & Implementation – The Grand Lodge of Virginia


The Grand Lodge Committee on Strategic Planning and Implementation was established for the purpose of analyzing where Virginia Freemasonry is, where it is going, and what is attainable. The Strategic Planning Committee has developed a Strategic Plan to systematically address the major issues confronting our Fraternity today — a plan that will be implemented and continuously improved as progress is made and lessons are learned — to achieve the Mission and Vision statements of the Grand Lodge of Virginia.

In order to achieve Committee goals, the Grand Lodge of Virginia has defined a strategy, known as the “Strategic Plan.” It will guide major activities throughout Virginia over the coming years. The strategy is composed of five major objectives with supporting goals and actions.

Objective Number 1: Is to strengthen our Masonic cultural norm that behavior is always to be based on Masonic values and standards.

Objective Number 2: Is to develop a tailored program to strengthen the subordinate Lodges.

Objective Number 3: Is to develop an effective membership development program that attracts a larger number of high-quality candidates for membership.

Objective Number 4: Is to develop a community outreach program to improve public understanding and appreciation of Masonic values and contributions.

Objective Number 5: Develop a robust information technology infrastructure that will enhance data availability and reporting capability to ensure the DDGMs, Grand Lodge Committee and District Team roles and structure are optimized to best support Grand Lodge objectives and subordinate Lodge needs.

As we are able to realize progress toward these objectives, we will draw closer to the ultimate Vision of the Grand Lodge of Virginia: “…to be the premier organization composed of men of integrity and character…,” and we will keep safe the future of our Craft, so we and our successors may continue to receive the joys of friendship, morality and brotherly love.

Committee Chairman:

Rhey Maurice Solomon, Chairman

For further information on this Committee, please contact the Committee Chairman.