Social Media, Public relations and Information Technology Policy – The Grand Lodge of Virginia

The Grand Lodge of Virginia recognizes the prevalence of the Internet, its value and importance to the Craft. It also recognizes the usefulness of Lodge websites and social media platforms to support various aspects of their operations both internally and externally. To support Lodges in proper and reasonable use of the Internet, social media and websites, the Grand Lodge of Virginia establishes the following Policy to guide subordinate Lodges (“Lodges”) in the development of websites, use of social media, devices, Masonic logos, storage of and transmission of electronic data and all forms of communications via electronic media. It also provides guidance for individual and Lodge engagement with the media (both traditional and “new”) and provides guidance for the individual Brother’s actions with electronic communication and social media. In all cases, this Policy affixes accountability and responsibility for the Lodge and the individual Mason not only regarding policy and procedure but Masonic conduct as well, and must therefore, not be taken lightly or in any manner be disregarded.

The Social Media, Public Relations and Information Technology Policy is at:

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