Shop – The Grand Lodge of Virginia

Members can purchase the Methodical Digest, Manual of Work, Presentation Volume, and many other items from the Grand Lodge of Virginia shopping cart.

These items are meant ONLY for Master Masons who are members of the Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M., of Virginia. If you are a Master Mason of another Grand Jurisdiction and wish to make a purchase, you should seek approval from your Grand Secretary prior to buying the material(s).

Items that members can buy online

  • List of Masonic Lodges – The Acacia Book
  • Advancement Booklets (set of 3) Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Masons Educational Proficiency Manual’s. Used for alternative advancement.
  • Blair’s Bits of Booklore
  • Holy Bible (Candidate)
  • Mentor’s Manual
  • Manual of Ceremonies (Only available as part of the Presentation Volume)
  • Manual For Masonic Trials (Handbook)
  • Veteran’s Emblems Presentation Booklet
  • Twenty-five Year Lapel Pin
  • Past Master’s Jewel
  • Lapel Pins & Jewels
  • Welcome To Freemasonry Booklet