Members can purchase the Methodical DigestManual of WorkPresentation Volume, and many other items from the Grand Lodge of Virginia online shopping cart.

Items that members can buy online

  • List of Masonic Lodges – Pantagraph
  • Advancement Booklets (set of 3) Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Masons Educational Proficiency Manual’s. Used for alternative advancement.
  • Blair’s Bits of Booklore
  • Holy Bible (Candidate)
  • Mentor’s Manual
  • Manual of Ceremonies
  • Manual For Masonic Trials (Handbook)
  • Veteran’s Emblems Presentation Booklet
  • History of Freemasonry in Virginia (Hardback book)
  • Twenty-five Year Lapel Pin
  • Past Master’s Jewel
  • Lapel Pins & Jewels