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Welcome to the Grand Lodge of Virginia Secretary website portal

This Masonic portal's primary function is for Blue Lodge Secretary's to update information regarding Lodge membership.

 Logging in

If you have not registered for username and password please do so on the menu on the right.  You MUST be elected and installed as the Blue Lodge Secretary in order to access this website.  The Grand Lodge Staff will check the record as approve you based on the elections.  You will be ask to change your password which must be 15 characters and special characters.  Just use the password generator to create your password.  Be sure to save your password in a safe place.

Password Generator  

Lodge Records

As new members are raised in the lodge please sign on and update your lodges membership records.

A menu will show up at the top once you logon which will help you to navigate throughout the website.

You can only edit your lodge records (you will only be able to view your lodge records).

Site and Administrator

If you are having any issues please contact Grand Lodge - Kim by (Phone) 1-804-222-3110 or (Email)

Basic Steps for creating an account:

Step 1 - Register for your account.

Step 2 - Login into your account and use the password generator to create a new password.  Your username should be your first initial and last name (fname).

Step 3 - Look at the top of the webpage for a menu that will help you to navigate to your form to update your records.  The menu will only appear when you login.



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