Public Relations – The Grand Lodge of Virginia


To publicize Lodge events, so the public is made aware, please go to this Public Relations site.

The official Social Media, Public Relations and Information Technology Policy adopted by the Grand Lodge of Virginia is also available.

Charter: The Committee shall develop a program to increase public understanding of Virginia Freemasonry and create a more favorable opinion of the organization through press releases, print and electronic articles, and interviews.

Duties: The Committee on Public Relations shall utilize existing programs such as the Community Builders Award, and the Eagle Scout and Girl Scout Gold Award presentations, and recommend to the Grand Master new programs to recognize community leaders who exemplify the tenets of Freemasonry. It is to work with different Grand Lodge Committees to promote our activities in our communities, to add content to the Grand Lodge website to publicize Freemasonry, to participate in appropriate activities in a public venue, which will present our Fraternity in a positive light.

Membership: The Committee shall be composed of ten (10) members appointed by the Grand Master of Masons in Virginia.

Committee Members:

Raymon Walter Bacchus, Chairman

Thomas Francis Hannifan

Larry Curtis Huff

Donald Leo McAndrews

Robert Garland McBride

Samuel Jackson Milliner, Jr.

Howard Michael Sobel

Daniel Wilson Thompson

Carl Edward Weaver

For further information on this Committee, please contact the Committee Chairman.

First Year Objectives:

Review and update the Grand Lodge Communications Manual produced by Past Grand Master Werner Herman Morlock, and provide it to the districts and Lodges. Draft notices, announcements and press releases that promote Freemasonry, and, with the approval of the Grand Master, provide them externally to appropriate media outlets, and internally to the Virginia Masonic Herald and the Internet Committee for publication. Encourage the districts and Lodges to appoint an Outreach and Publicity focal point to draft articles for local publication and placement in the Virginia Masonic Herald or posting on the Grand Lodge website. Monitor programs in other Grand Lodges, appendant bodies, and organizations such as the Conference of Grand Masters and the Masonic Service Association that might be of use in Virginia. Assemble a library of press releases or other published articles that promote the Craft in a positive manner. Prepare and deliver to the Grand Master a 5-year plan.

Second Year Objectives:

Provide Lodges with other necessary tools and assistance to develop an effective Marketing, Outreach, and Publicity program. Assess how well the various District and Lodge Marketing, Outreach and Publicity programs are doing. Develop a presentation for the Division Leadership Conferences and at the Reid Simmons Academy on Marketing, Outreach and Publicity. In collaboration with DDGMs, conduct a minimum of one Marketing, Outreach and Publicity Workshop in each Masonic Division. Plan and implement one Grand Lodge level outreach event.

Planning & Reports

A 5-Year Membership Action Plan, formulated by the Committee, is to be submitted to the Grand Master for his approval. The Plan will identify issues, shape plans to resolve problems, and detail a list of action items to be accomplished over the five year period. The Plan will be updated annually and submitted for Grand Master approval each year. After receiving approval, it will be implemented and later included in the Committee’s report to the Grand Annual Communication.