Past Grand Masters – The Grand Lodge of Virginia

Living Past Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of Virginia

History of Virginia Grand Masters from 1778 through today

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1985 John Boyd Obenchain
Freemasonry A Basic Commitment
1987 Donald Maynard Robey
Proud Of The Past, Confident Of The Future
1991 William Franklin Perdue
Wearing Freemasonry Proudly
1997 Alan Wayne Adkins
Freemasonry: Investing In Mankind
1999 George Harry Chapin
Building Bridges
2001 James Dean Cole
Do Good Unto All
2002 Clifford Alan Parker
On Course For The 21st Century
2003 Frederick Garrison Martin, III
Freemasonry - Pass It On
2005 John Randall Quinley
Living Freemasonry Daily
2006 Glover Hunter Jones, III
Dwelling Together In Unity
2007 George Bernard Dungan, Jr.
Charity Toward All Mankind
2008 Edmund Cohen
Virtue and Honor
2009 Jeffery Eugene Hodges
Discovering Our Potential
2010 William Earle Rorer, Jr.
Forget Not The Duties
2011 John Mason Chambliss, Jr.
Make A Difference Every Day
2012 William Talbott Ellison, Jr.
Spreading Masonic Light
2013 Louis Kerford Campbell
Masonry’s Youth — Masonry’s Future
2014 Wayne Sawyer Flora
Freemasonry a Beacon of Light
2015 Reese Edward Carroll, Jr.
Together, We Can Make A Difference
2016 James Edward Litten
Setting A Good Example
2017 Vernon Stuart Cook
Freemasonry -- A Force For Good
2018 Gary Wallace Taylor
Freemasonry, A Tower Of Strength
MW William Edward Hershey, Jr.
2019 William Edward Hershey, Jr.
Friendship, Morality and Brotherly Love
MW Douglas V. Jones, Grand Master
2020 – 2021 Douglas Vernon Jones
Loyalty & Kindness — A Lasting Impression