The next Division Leadership Conferences will be held in Warrenton on March 31st and Alexandria on April 1st. For the complete schedule Click Here >>


District Lodge Service Representatives are nominated by the District Deputy Grand Master and Regional Representative, recommended by the Committee Chairman and appointed by the Grand Master. His duties include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Represent the Committee on Lodge Services to the district.
  • Serve as the Committee on Lodge Services action officer for providing support to specified Lodges within the district when tasked by the Committee on Lodge Services Division Representative.
  • Execute all Lodge support tasks in strict CONFIDENTIALITY fully respecting the Masters authority to “rule and govern” his Lodge.
  • Maintain communications with the Committee on Lodge Services Division Representative on all assigned tasks.
  • Attend two training sessions annually to include: (a) the Committee on Lodge Services orientation/refresher course for District Lodge Services Representatives and (b) the Solvency Viability Review Tool/Advanced Topics course. [Note that it is expected these courses will be offered regionally.]


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Alan W. Adkins

Grand Secretary
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