Map of Masonic Districts

The State of Virginia has 57 Masonic Districts, which are located within 12 different geographical divisions throughout Virginia.

Each district is served by a District Team -- the District Deputy Grand Master (DDGM), the District Instructor of Work (DIW), the District Educational Officer (DEO), the District Masonic Home Ambassador (DMHA), the District Blood Coordinator (DBC), District VACHIP Director (DVD), District Membership Coordinator (DMC), and the District Lodge Services Representative (DLSR).  Each individual serves as a very important and vital link to the Craft as a whole.

District Teams

District Deputy Grand Masters

District Instructors of Work

District Educational Officers

District Masonic Home Ambassadors

District Blood Coordinators

District Child ID (VACHIP) Directors

District Membership Coordinators

District Lodge Services Representatives

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