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Charter: The Grand Lodge Committee on Lodge Services was established to support and assist the Grand Lodge of Virginia to provide mentoring and "in Lodge" service to Lodges which request help in developing a viable plan for Lodge growth.

Duties: The Committee will serve as the Grand Lodge repository of Lodge operations "best practices" (programs, activities and procedure that result in exceptional Lodge operations) and share such practices with all Lodges. It shall also assist in evaluating and making recommendations to the Grand Master on all requests to charter new Lodges and close or consolidate existing Lodges.

Membership: The Committee shall be composed of a Chairman, who shall also be a member of the Grand Lodge Committee on Strategic Planning and Implementation, and one member from each of the geographical regions of the state as specified in Section 1.102 of the Methodical Digest.

Committee Members:

Raymond Mickey Soltis, Chairman

For further information on this Committee, please contact the Committee Chairman.

  • Tools

  • Planning

  • 1st Year Objectives

  • 2nd Year Objectives

Instructional Tools to Assist the Lodges:

  • The Solvency and Viability Review (SVR) Tool. The Grand Lodge of Virginia SVR Tool may be downloaded. Microsoft Excel® is required to use the Tool. Excel for Windows 2000 or later versions work best. Finally, a color printer is helpful. Note that a PASSWORD is required to use the tool, which may be obtained from any member of the Committee on Lodge Services.
  • Strategic Planning
  • Finances and fund raising
  • Membership programs (e.g., "Bring a Friend Night")
  • Improved Lodge programs and stated communications
  • Lodge Revitalization
  • Assistance in the use and application of all guides and Lodge service publications

Planning and Reports:

A 5-Year Lodge Service Action Plan, formulated by the Committee, is to be submitted to the Grand Master for his approval. The Plan will identify issues, shape plans to resolve problems, and detail a list of action items to be accomplished over the five year period.  The Plan will be updated annually and submitted for Grand Master approval each year. After receiving approval, it will be implemented and later included in the Committee’s report to the Grand Annual Communication.

First Year Objectives:

  • Form, organize and develop its "stand-up" plan
  • Implement the use of the SVR Tool
    • Validate and test the SVR Tool as part of the final acceptance of the tool from The Minnesota Team
    • Develop a user’s guide to assist Lodges to use the SVR Tool
    • Deliver a copy of the SVR Tool and users guide to all Lodges requesting a copy
    • Provide initial service in the field to all Lodges requesting assistance in performing an SVR Assessment
  • Recruit and train six regional Service Teams, consisting of a Committee member and 2-3 Brethren who can provide assistance to Lodges within the areas of the Committee’s responsibilities
  • Establish a "Help Desk" to serve as a central point of contact for lodge request for help and assistance
  • Post all of its Lodge service resources as "downloadable resources"
  • Prepare and deliver to the Grand Master a 5-year plan
Second Year Objectives:

  • Recruit and train additional Service teams, so one is available for each region and ideally that a team member is available within approximately 50 miles of each Lodge
  • Develop the capability to provide assistance to every Lodge that requests it within four weeks 

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Alan W. Adkins

Grand Secretary
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