The Grand Lodge Scholarship Fund is conducting the 20th Annual Ian McLaurin Shipley, Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament on Thursday, April 20, 2017, as its annual fund raiser. For more information on the Scholarship Fund in general and this golf tournament in particular, Click Here >>


Grand Lodge Committees are made up of members of the Craft who are dedicated to helping the Grand Master and Brethren throughout Virginia with defining issues that pertain to the Grand Lodge of Virginia. Each Committee has a Chair and several Brothers and or supporting staff working extremely hard to provide everyone with fair and accurate information on a multitude of issues.

Grand Lodge of Virginia Committees 

Blood Program

Child ID Program (VACHIP)

Code Commission




Foreign Correspondence


Information Technology (IT)


Life Membership in Perpetuity (LMIP)

Lodge Services

Masonic Herald Publications Board

Masonic Home Ambassadors (MaHoVa)



Public Relations

Strategic Planning & Implementation



Each Committee has a Committee Chair that will help you answer any questions or provide you any information that you might need in regards to schools, workshops, or events being held throughout the Commonwealth. It is our hope that you will get involved in your Lodges, Districts, and at the State level to helps us improve our Craft.

Request to update "ALL" committee pages:

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2) The Grand Secretary will acknowledge receipt to the requestor, and complete such coordination or quality control as may be required prior to authorizing the update to be posted.


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Grand Secretary
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