Membership – The Grand Lodge of Virginia


The Grand Lodge Committee on Membership was established to assist with the development and implementation of a Membership Program to promote the attraction of new members and assure the retention of existing members.

The purpose of the Committee is to encourage membership growth and retention. The Committee members are available to assist Lodges to facilitate opportunities to learn more about Freemasonry, thereby attracting new members and to retain those who are already members of the Craft.

The Committee is composed of a Chairman, who is also a member of the Grand Lodge Committee on Strategic Planning and an Executive Committee of not less than three (3) nor more than five (5) members and one member from each of the geographical divisions of the state as specified in Section 1.102 of the Methodical Digest. When composed of three (3) members the Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairman, a Vice Chairman for Membership Development and Growth and a Vice Chairman for Membership Retention and Restoration. At the request of the Committee Chairman and with the concurrence of the Grand Master, up to two (2) others members may be appointed to the Executive Committee to address Ad Hoc requirements as identified by the Committee Chairman or the Grand Master.

Committee offers assistance to the Craft by:

  • Using existing programs and identify and recommending new programs to the Grand Master to promote mentoring and membership growth.
  • Assisting Lodges to implement membership, mentoring, and membership retention programs.
  • Conducting conferences, to include presentations, and workshops, that foster membership development, mentoring, and retention, when requested.
  • Working closely with the DDGMs, District Membership Coordinators, Masters’ & Wardens’ Associations, DEOs and LEOs to conduct Membership Workshops in each Masonic Division.
  • Working with the Committee on Masonic Education to develop, publish, and distribute materials on membership, mentoring, and retention.
  • Working with the Lodges and the Masonic Herald Publications Board to encourage publication of membership program oriented articles.

Committee Chairman:

Jonathan Thomas Ruark, Chairman

For further information on this Committee, please contact the Committee Chairman.