Masonic Ritual – The Grand Lodge of Virginia

The Grand Lodge of Virginia does not publish their Masonic ritual as it is against Masonic law which can be found in our Methodical Digest.

The Committee on Work is the custodian of our beautiful ritual which must be preserved in a perpetual state of purity by constant supervision and schooling.

The Grand Lodge of Virginia has believed since 1780 that a candidate must present themselves to the Lodge and be an active members. One of the best methods of getting involved is to meet at the Lodge to share in friendship and brotherly love by practicing our ritual and ceremonies.

Our ritual teaches through an allegory the symbolism of our language where one Mason will be able to recognize another Mason in the light as well as in the dark!

An “Allegory” is a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one. We use the building of King Solomon’s Temple and the ancient craft of stonemasonry to reenact a tragedy. The story is not based on historical facts but on an event that leads to a significant tragedy that has meaning to all Freemasons. If you want to know more, then join us, and we will bring you from darkness to more light in your life!

Masonic Symbolism