Seek More Light in Masonry

There are currently six Research Lodges in the Commonwealth of Virginia. They were formed, not to raise new Masons, but for the purpose of bringing more “light” (knowledge) into the lives of men who are already Masons. Many of the papers that are presented by the members can be found on their websites, which are shown below.

Quadrivium Research Lodge No. 543, UD is located in Newport News, Virginia. As a new Lodge, it is currently operating under dispensation.

George Washington Research Lodge No. 1732 is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It was chartered on August 4, 2012. Visit their website for more information.

Peyton Randolph Research Lodge No. 1774 is located in historic Williamsburg, Virginia. It was chartered on November 10, 2007. Visit their website for more information.

Virginia Research Lodge No. 1777 is located in Highland Springs, Virginia. It was chartered on February 14, 1951. Their website has a list pf papers.

Civil War Research Lodge No. 1865 is located in Highland Springs, Virginia. It was chartered on November 14, 1995. Their website has a list of papers.

A. Douglas Smith, Jr., Research Lodge No. 1949 is located in Alexandria, Virginia and meets in the beautiful North Room of the George Washington Masonic Memorial. It was chartered on February 15, 1983. Their website has the papers presented.

The Masonic Service Association of North America is an excellent source of Masonic information and links to other sites.

The George Washington Masonic Memorial is located in Alexandria, Virginia. This magnificent Memorial to George Washington, the Mason, was completed in 1970.

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