The purpose of the Herald is to keep our Virginia Masons informed of educational matters and events occurring in Virginia and other Grand Jurisdictions, as well as matters of general Masonic interest.

Duties: Its duties are to prepare and publish the Virginia Masonic Herald in printed format and, as feasible, electronically. The frequency of the Herald will be as directed by the Grand Master.

Membership: The Board is composed of six members and an Editor appointed by the Grand Master. The Grand Master and Grand Secretary serve as ex-officio members of the Board.

Board Members:

James Vernon Cady

Brian Roland Croteau

Moring Elbert Gravitt

William Anthony Parks, Jr.

Gerald Lee Frey, Editor Virginia Masonic Herald

Samuel Grant Welty

Jason Elliott Hodges, Ex-officio

Gregory Mark Walsh, Ex-Officio

For further information on this Board, please contact the Editor.

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