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The Virginia Masonic Herald Advertising

The Grand Lodge of Virginia’s Masonic Herald accepts advertisement(s) to the Herald to help offset the costs of publishing and distributing the Herald.

Advertisement Costs

  • Full Page
    $750 or $1,875 annually
  • 1/2 Page
    $500 or $1,250 annually
  • 1/3 Page
    $350 or $875 annually
  • 1/4 Page
    $250 or $675 annually
  • Business Card
    $80 or $200 annually

If a person or organization would like to run an ad in all three issues then a discount will be given (the cost is twice the amount for the ad plus half of another ad — i.e., 1/2 page ad for three issues would be $500 + $500 + $250 - $1,250 vice $1,500).

There is an additional $200 charge if you want the Herald to set up the advertisement's format. If we set up the advertisement, you will see what it looks like prior to it being placed into the magazine.

All advertisement bills must be paid to the Grand Lodge office prior to them being placed into the issue. No advertisements/announcements will be placed into the Herald after the submission deadline has passed.

All advertisements are approved prior to publishing by the Grand Master or by an approved guidance from the Grand Master.

All advertisements must be acceptable and within good taste to all Masons and portray good wholesome Masonic values. Advertisements for alcohol, nicotine, drug related, or sexual items, etc. will not be considered for publication.


The Herald now offers one to two pages of "Masonic announcements" for charitable or Lodge fundraisers (again they need the Grand Master's permission to be put into the magazine). Announcements will be sized (by the editor) to accommodate all requested announcements into the Herald. Announcements can consist of Lodge and appendant body fundraisers. These announcements will be placed into the Herald as a courtesy and no charge will be requested, but you can make a donation to help defray our expenses if you desire.


Camera ready or digital format.