Charter: The Committee on Jurisprudence serves as a deliberative group within the Grand Lodge structure.

Duties: It shall review all proposed amendments to existing law, as well as proposed new laws, and make recommendations to assembled delegates at the Grand Annual Communication to either approve or reject each proposal.

The Chairman, or its collective membership, may have questions on Masonic law referred to it by the Grand Master or Grand Secretary.

As an adjunct function, it assists the Grand Master by reviewing Lodges’ by-laws revisions and assuring that they are in proper form and content before recommending his approval.

Proposed Charters for new Lodges are referred to the Committee for review, evaluation, conformity to Grand Lodge requirements, necessary communications with the proposers, and final recommendations to the Grand Master and Grand Lodge delegates. It may also have referred to it matters regarding Lodge consolidations and dissolutions.

This is a list of commonly used terms when referring to Virginia Masonic law.

Membership: The Committee shall be composed of nine (9) members and two (2) adjunct members appointed by the Grand Master of Masons in Virginia.

Committee Members:

Paul David Sleeper, Chairman

Frank Genues Bond

James Friend Dickerson

Donald Joseph Kerr

Roy Michael McKenney

Mickey Mantle Merritt

Daniel Knowlton Read, Jr.

Philip Niemann Rhodes

Gino Warren Williams

For further information on this Committee, please contact the Committee Chairman.


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