July 28 - July 31, 2016

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The Reid James Simmons Academy of Masonic Leadership was named after Right Worshipful Reid James Simmons, Past Grand Lecturer for the Grand Lodge of Virginia.  Right Worshipful Brother Simmons exemplified the core values of Freemasonry through Masonic ritual and education for many years to a great number of Entered Apprentices, Fellowcrafts, and Master Masons throughout Virginia.  He held countless Schools of Instruction across the face of our Commonwealth, and, as the custodian of our ritual, he insured its purity, the accuracy of our knowledge of it, and dedicated himself to improving the ritualistic ability of every Master Mason and officer in our Grand Lodge.  For more information on Right Worshipful Reid Simmons please read his full biography.



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Event Program and Schedule

For more information on the Reid James Simmons Academy of Masonic Leadership, please contact: Michael J. King, Secretary/Treasurer,, Reid James Simmons Academy of Masonic Leadership, 1706 Cool Spring Drive, Alexandria, Virginia 22308-1628. 

The Reid James Simmons Academy of Masonic Leadership

Is open to all Master Masons who are looking to improve their Masonic ritual and education. We offer services in regards to teaching the ritual by Instructors that have many years of experience in Freemasonry. So if you are looking for a place to perfect your ritual, learn our symbolism or education then fill out our registration form and join us in the summer at our Boot Camp for Virginia Masonry. Every summer (August) the Reid James Simmons Academy of Masonic Leadership is held. This year it is being held at the Best Western Plus Waynesboro Inn and Suites Conference Center, located at 109 Apple Tree Lane, Waynesboro. For further information about times and courses being offered please click on the schedule or contact Worshipful Michael J. King,

Masonic Leadership and Correspondence Courses

The Committee on Masonic Education and Publications proudly presents this program on self-improvement to all Master Masons within the Grand Jurisdiction of Virginia. This program has been developed to assist the individual Mason, as well as the Blue Lodge.  The Committee is responsible for fostering Masonic education. A well-rounded Mason will use this program as but one method of improving himself. Taken together with the Grand Lodge Leadership Conferences, Training for the Subordinate Lodge Officer, educational offerings at the Reid James Simmons Academy of Masonic Leadership, "Area Mini-Conferences," the educational opportunities afforded by your District Educational Officer and your Lodge Educational Officer, and other programs and publications offered by the Committee, it is hoped that we may enlighten good Brethren, so they may excel as tomorrows leaders of this gentle Craft. Take the Courses online Now!.

Masonic Ritual

What do we teach, and why do we teach it?  Ritual has been practiced before the United States was a country.  Before George Washington and a few other Masons stood their ground against tyranny and in justice.  They stood for freedom and the rights for all men to be created equal in the eyes of God and man.  Ritual is a very important part of Virginia Masonry for the reason it teaches us all why it is important to seek more light in Masonry.  Enlightened men tend to be charitable and solve problems through reason.  Our ritual helps good men to become better men. More on Masonic Ritual.

Masonic Education

Why memorize something if we are not going to live Masonry daily? It's not enough to memorize our ritual. We need to understand the allegories and lessons that are taught through our ritual. To understand why good men should meet on the square and part by the plumb. Why we should always seek more light in Masonry.

Freemasonry is a way of life for good men, who want to improve themselves. We are looking for a few good men that want to dwell in peace, live in harmony, and help our communities to be a better place for all men to dwell in unity. Faith, hope, and charity are not just some words that we use to impress people. They are the principles by which good men should live their lives. How we should treat our fellow men, more especially a Brother Mason.

So, if you are interested in seeking more light in Masonry then please come to the Reid James Simmons Academy of Masonic Leadership. You will not be disappointed with the most excellent ritual and education by some of the best Instructors throughout the State. More on Masonic Education.

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