Education – The Grand Lodge of Virginia


Charter: The purpose of this Committee is to increase the knowledge of Masonic history, philosophy and symbolism, and enhance the leadership abilities of the members of the Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M., of Virginia.

Duties: It shall conduct such conferences, seminars and forums of Masonic education as it may deem appropriate or as the Grand Master may order. It shall review and approve all publications of the Grand Lodge concerning Masonic education.

Committee Members:

Jonathan Alexander Giles, Grand Provost, Chairman

Edmund Cohen, Dean, Virginia Masonic University/Lodge Program Editor

Jon Vernon Shelton, Content Development, Virginia Masonic University

Aaron Sheldon Zeno, Lodge Program Administrator

Michael Gwin Atkins, Sr., Book Sales Administrator

L. Joseph Hudson, Book Sales Administrator

Jeffrey Donald  St. Onge, Correspondence Courses

David Carl Wells, Correspondence Course Development

Paul Wesley Pennybacker, Correspondence Course Development

Division Provosts

Tommy Eric Skeens, (Reg. I–Dis. 47-50)

Owen Tee Wade, (Reg. II–Dis. 40 & 42-45)

Hafford Lee Arritt, Jr., (Reg. III–Dis. 22A, 22B, 24, 39 & 41)

Lonnie Lee Godfrey, (Reg. IV–Dis. 25, 27, 37 & 38)

Timothy Louis Southern, (Reg. V–Dis. 6,10,17,19,20)

James Edward Kraut, (Reg. VI–Dis. 2-5 & 7)

Peter Edward Terrill, (Reg. VII–Dis. 1A, 1B)

Robert Lynn Parker, (Reg. VIII–Dis. 8, 9 & 11)

Jack Thomas Moorman, (Reg. IX–Dis. 15A, 15B, 16 & 29)

Woodrow Lynn Brown, (Reg. X–Dis. 14, 31, 33 & 57)

Phillip Daniel Modisett, (Reg. XI–Dis. 35, 36 & 56)

Composition of the Committee: The members of this Committee shall be appointed from each of the twelve geographical divisions of the state and, in addition, the Chairman shall be the Grand Provost, who shall not represent any division. Such other members may be appointed to meet the special needs of the Masonic Education program. The Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Grand Wardens, Grand Treasurer, Grand Secretary and the Grand Deacons shall be ex-officio members of the Committee with voice and vote.

Division Provosts: Each geographic division has a Grand Lodge Committee member appointed as Division Provost. The Division Provost’s duties include, but are not limited to, acting as liaison and communication link between the Committee Chairman and the District Educational Officers (DEOs). All members of this Committee must have a broad knowledge of Freemasonry and strongly believe in its principles. They should be good “teachers” in their own right, with good organizational skills, able to get along with people and be able to devote the time necessary to support the goals of the Committee.

District Educational Officers: (DEOs) These District Officers are nominated by the District Deputy Grand Master and the Division Provost, through the Committee Chairman, for appointment by the Grand Master. The DEO’s duties include, but are not limited to, acting as a liaison and communication link between the Division Provost and the Lodge Educational Officer (LEOs), assisting LEOs in development of Masonic education programs in their Lodges, making suitable Masonic education-oriented presentations, at the request of the Worshipful Masters of Lodges in his district, and providing leadership training sessions for the subordinate Lodge officers in his district.

Lodge Educational Officers: (LEOs) Among the Lodge officers appointed by each Worshipful Master should be the Lodge Educational Officer. His duties include, but are not limited to, assisting the Master in the development of Masonic education programs for the Lodge, assisting with coordinating and scheduling of speakers to present programs in the Lodge, providing educational materials and information to new members and Lodge officers, and acting as the Lodge representative for all matters relating to Masonic education. He is responsible for helping make the Brethren aware of the wealth of Masonic education resources available to them and instructing the Brethren in all areas of Masonic education, except for ritual, which is the responsibility of the Committee on Work.

Refer to the following web pages for further Masonic education resources:

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