Division Leadership Conferences – The Grand Lodge of Virginia

A Division Leadership Conference (commonly abbreviated as DLC) is a gathering of the Officers of the Grand Lodge of Virginia, the various District Officers, and the local Lodge officers and Brethren for the purpose of Masonic education and interaction.

There are multiple conferences scheduled every year as an opportunity for the Grand Lodge Officers to meet with Brethren from all across the Commonwealth to exchange thoughts and ideas, and to discuss plans for the future of the Grand Lodge of Virginia.

What happens at the DLC?

After registering so your attendance is recognized as representing your Lodge, there is an informal time to meet other Brethren from neighboring Lodges and to talk with the Grand Lodge Officers. Then, all of the Brethren gather in a main room for a quick welcome and a short Masonic Education program. This is followed by an address by the Grand Master of Masons in Virginia concerning his thoughts and vision for the Craft.

The Brethren then disperse into various break-out sessions with their relevant Grand Lodge Officers or Committee Chairman. For Brethren who are not a Lodge officer or committeeman, there is a breakout session with the Grand Junior Deacon specifically to share thoughts with you and get your input. This is the perfect opportunity for you to find out more about the role you play in the growth of your Lodge and your Fraternity.

Throughout the course of the DLC, you will find that the Committee on Masonic Education has set up a book and reference material sales table so that you can get copies of Grand Lodge manuals, guides, and pamphlets to help you expand your Masonic knowledge.

What is there to gain from attending the DLC?

The benefits for every Mason attending one of the DLCs are:

  • To be a better informed Mason;
  • To have a clearer focus on the direction that Freemasonry is taking in Virginia during the year;
  • To network with your Brethren, getting ideas to take back to your Lodge and making contacts to improve the fraternal interaction with Lodges in your area; and
  • To enjoy the fellowship that comes from being in the company of your Brethren and strengthening the shared bond that bind us together as friends and Brothers.

2022 Virginia Leadership Conferences

The 2022 Division Leadership Conference Schedule can be found here.

2021 Virginia Leadership Conference

This virtual conference was held on May 22, 2021.

2020 Virtual Division Leadership Conference

This virtual conference was held on May 23, 2020.