District Membership Coordinators are nominated by the District Deputy Grand Master and Regional Coordinator, recommended by the Committee Chairman and appointed by the Grand Master. His duties include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Assist Lodges to implement membership, mentoring, and membership retention programs within a respective District and further to the Lodges in that District.
  • Conduct conferences, to include innovative presentations, seminars, workshops, and clinics, that foster membership development, mentoring, and retention. This can be accomplished by working closely with the DDGMs, Masters’ & Wardens’ Associations, DEOs and LEOs to conduct a Membership Workshop in his District.
  • Work with the Committee on Masonic Education and Publications and the DEO to distribute materials on membership, mentoring, and retention.
  • Work with the Lodges and the Masonic Herald Publications Board to encourage publication of membership program oriented articles.


  • Ensure that each Lodge in his District has, and is using, the “Share the Light of Freemasonry” booklet to attract candidates.
  • Ensure that each Lodge in his District has, and is using, the “Bring a Friend Night” manual.
  • Encourage each Lodge in his District to hold “Bring a Friend” events.
  • Ensure that each Lodge in his District has, and is using, the “Mentoring a New Brother” brochure.
  • Ensure that each Lodge in his District has the expanded 2008 Grand Lodge alternate method booklets, and that mentors and coaches are using these booklets to provide new Masons with the minimum body of Masonic knowledge all Masons should have.

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