District Masonic Home Ambassadors – The Grand Lodge of Virginia


District Masonic Home Ambassadors are nominated by the District Deputy Grand Master and the Regional Ambassador, and recommended by the Committee Chairman and appointed by the Grand Master. His duties include, but are not limited to, being responsive to and to wholeheartedly support the Grand Master’s program and fund drives for the Masonic Home of Virginia. He should be responsive to the Masonic Home Endowment Committee in its pursuit of the Grand Master’s objectives for the Masonic Home of Virginia. He is to provide guidance, materials and assistance to Lodge Masonic Home Ambassadors, in carrying out the goals and objectives of the Grand Lodge of Virginia with respect to the Masonic Home. He is also to ensure that the Lodge Masonic Home Ambassadors are providing up-to-date information on the Masonic Home to the Lodge’s members.

Information for the Masonic Home Ambassadors is available at this site.  For Masonic Home Ambassadors wishing to issue a press release concerning the Masonic Home of Virginia or an event going on in their area, please review this information.