District Instructors of Work – The Grand Lodge of Virginia


District Instructors of Work are nominated by the District Deputy Grand Master and the Regional Committee on Work member, reviewed by the Committee Chairman and approved by the Grand Master. His duties include, but are not limited to, acting as a liaison and communication link between the Division Lecturers and the Lodge Instructor of Work.  They are to assist the Grand Lecturer and Division Lecturer, when requested, and especially in helping them to prepare for and conduct area-wide schools of ritual training.  DIWs are to assist Lodges to become self-sufficient in conducting the ritual by providing intensive, individual instruction to members who desire to learn a lecture or teach catechism.  DIWs are to help Worshipful Masters to train officers preparing for certificates of proficiency in the ritual, as well as visit Lodges periodically, on a routine basis, to identify common flaws and problems in executing the ritual and ceremonies.  They should plan and conduct frequent, district-wide, ritual training schools to perfect skill in smoothly executing the floor work and beautiful lectures of the degrees in a pure and impressive manner.  DIWs are also to provide direct support to the District Deputy Grand Master, as a primary member of the District Team, in matters related to execution of Masonic ritual and ceremony.

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