Correspondence Courses – The Grand Lodge of Virginia

The Masonic Leadership & Correspondence Courses were developed by the Committee on Masonic Education to assist the individual Mason in improving himself. A well-rounded Mason will use this program as but one method of improving himself. When these Masonic Leadership & Correspondence Course are taken together with the, Training for the Subordinate Lodge Officer (SLOT), educational offerings at the Reid James Simmons Academy of Masonic Leadership, “Area Mini-Conferences,” the educational opportunities afforded by your District Educational Officer and your Lodge Educational Officer, and other programs and publications offered by the Committee, it is hoped that we may enlighten good Brethren, so they may excel as tomorrow’s leaders of this gentle Craft.

There are IV Masonic Leadership & Correspondence Course, which you can take online now

Successful completion of this program will require the use of information which can be found in the Methodical Digest, Manual of Ceremonies, Mentor’s Manual, (the Presentation Volume may be used in lieu of the Manual of Ceremonies and the Mentor’s Manual), the ritual and your general knowledge. All of these can be purchased online from the Grand Lodge of Virginia online shopping cart.