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Men become Masons for reasons that are as varied as the individuals that comprise our Order. For some, they follow in the footsteps of their father, their grandfather, their uncle, etc. because it’s a family tradition. For others, they want to improve the community in which they live by helping those in need. We would like to feature the personal stories of some of our Masons about why they are a part of the World’s Oldest Fraternity. These testimonials will be added to periodically and perhaps one will strike a chord with you and help you begin your own story about why you became a Mason!


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Community & Widows John B. Freemason

I have found Masons to be very loving and caring. Not only for Brothers but the community and widows of passed Brothers. I also have found that Masonry is very spiritual base, more so than any other organization I have ever been involved in. I mean this in a loving respect and not judgmental. I really enjoy my experience and am excited to continue my education and experience.

Morals & Principles Thomas F. Freemasons

Personal pride to share the ideals and brotherhood of the Fraternity. My Masonic experience has helped me to live with a better understanding of my life as it relates to quality and preparation. I’m better prepared to live each day to the morals and principles that I have learned to this point.

I Have But One Regret! David K. Freemason

I am always welcomed by the Brethren and am treated with dignity and respect. I have a feeling of belonging to something true and tried by history, a good something. I have but one regret and that is I did not take this step many years ago. Being a part of this Fraternity makes me look for the right path to take. It is becoming the compass to guide by, and I am glad to be a part of the oldest and greatest Fraternity ever to exist.

A Special Bond Among Walter W. Young, PDDGM (Grand Provost)

After joining the Fraternity, I found that there is a special bond among us that transcends religion, financial status, titles, or stature in the community. We can disagree in Lodge, sometimes heatedly, but at the end of the evening as we leave the sanctity of the temple, we are still friends and Brothers. This is what the Fraternity teaches. This is how we are supposed to live our lives, looking after each other, sharing in a Brother’s joy, and standing beside him to comfort him in his sorrow. If you have ever been to a Masonic funeral then you have witnessed this Brotherly love and affection as we pay our last tribute of respect to our departing Brother. You saw first hand the care and comfort we extend to the widow in her hour of grief.

Why I Became A Mason Right Worshipful Donald L. Kelley

I was asked many years ago, “Why are so many of your family Freemasons, but you are not?” This caused me to think and reaffirm my feelings about Masonry. First, I thought about my forbearers. One of my uncles was a Sixty-Year Veteran, one was a Fifty-Year Veteran, and one was a Past Master. At one time, there were thirteen members of Glen Allen Lodge that were Kelleys. Of course, all but four have gone on to a better place. When I decided to become a Mason and at my first entrance into a Lodge, my feelings about Freemasonry became very clear. I was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason in October 1993, when I first knelt at the altar in my Lodge, took my obligation, and became a Master Mason. The awesome feeling I had must have been the same feeling my family had experienced before me!

I Searched All Of My Life C. Guffin. Freemason

I became a Mason because of the want and need I had to be a part of something bigger than myself. I searched all of my life for a place to fit in. I tried motorcycle clubs, churches, even the drink. Nothing filled the gap I had in my life until I met Mike. There was something about him I admired, and we became good friends, afterwards Brothers. Being a Mason filled the lonely hole in my life with true friendship and brotherly love. It was a place I felt safe from the worldly vices, not judging or reprimanding, but ever having a watchful eye. My Brothers aided in correcting my errors and in making me a better person and man, influencing me to be a better husband and father, and helping the community. When I moved from Maine to Virginia, I called the local Lodge and was greeted with the same friendship and brotherly love. Truly one could not have a higher honor than being a true Mason.

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