Piedmont-Stella Lodge No. 50, A.F. & A.M.

                                                           Stanardsville, Virginia


Piedmont-Stella Lodge No. 50 was formed on September 11, 1937, when Piedmont Lodge No. 50 of Stanardsville, Virginia and Stella Lodge No. 214 of Ruckersville consolidated. This consolidation was due to low membership in both Lodges. Piedmont-Stella Lodge did not receive its charter from the Grand Lodge of Virginia until 1978. This occurred when Most Worshipful Robert R. Kennedy, Jr., Grand Master of Masons in Virginia presented the charter to Worshipful Hugh Snow at the annual picnic held at Ruckersville, Virginia.


Piedmont Lodge No. 50 had been chartered on December 11, 1850, with the following officers:


Robert W. Poore                     Worshipful Master

Oliver Finks                            Senior Warden

James W. Wood                      Junior Warden.


Stella Lodge No. 214 was chartered on December 12, 1866, with the following officers:


George Washington Sherman             Worshipful Master

Edwin S. Hunter                                 Senior Warden

John F. Early                                       Junior Warden


On September 11, 1937, the charter officers of Piedmont-Stella Lodge No. 50 were:


I. D. Davis                              Worshipful Master

George W. Chapman              Senior Warden

Stanley Parrott                                    Junior Warden


One of the major activities sponsored by Piedmont-Stella Lodge each year is its annual picnic, which is held the second Saturday in August. Stella Lodge No. 214 prior to 1910 started this picnic. Information from Brother Nathaniel Ewell states that this picnic took place in 1910, when he was raised in Stella Lodge No. 214. It probably was taking place before that date.  However, there is no data to substantiate this belief. The purpose of this activity was to have Brethren come from other Lodges to attend a stated communication, enjoy a picnic and afterwards help the Brethren of Stella Lodge with their Masonic work and ritual.


Brother Ron Wilson of Widows Sons Lodge No. 60 of Charlottesville informed E. D. Jarmen, Secretary, that he attended several of these annual picnics held in Ruckersville between 1910 and 1920. He stated that he would travel by train from Charlottesville to Barboursville, and then by buggy or carriage to attend the picnic.



In 1971, the Masons of Delaware and the members of Piedmont-Stella Lodge No. 50 joined in a strong fraternal union, which centered around this annual picnic. This event begun when Louin Collier, member of Piedmont-Stella Lodge No. 50 extended an invitation to his biological brother, Jesse Edgar Collier, member of Union Lodge No. 7 of Dover Delaware to attend the picnic. Jesse Collier was a close friend of The Grand Master of Delaware, Lousell Jeuell, who he invited to the picnic. The Grand Master of Masons in Virginia, Charles F. Schuler, also attended.


Since 1971 many Delaware and Virginia Masons and their families make the pilgrimage to Ruckersville, Virginia on the second Saturday of August to join in the brotherly love and fellowship, which are found in abundance at the annual picnic.